Time: 8:21

Route №3 "Excursion and adventurous trip"

Duration: 12 days/11 nights

Tour’s program:

First day.   Morning. Arrival in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Trip with off-road vehicle – jeep to the city Horog along the West-Pamir route, 524 km. The route passes picturesque valleys and mountain gorges where short breaks are planned to take photos of fantastic mountainous views and rivers. By the route: city Vahdat, city Komsomolabad, Darvaz mountain ridge, Haburabat pass (height above sea level is 3270 m), Kalai-Humb (the distance from Dushanbe is 295 km, height is 1260 m). Overnight stay will be in hotel/guest house. In past it was Darvaza shahs’ capital. There are many gardens in Kalai-Humbe where grows pomegranate, fig, ebony, grapes, pistachio, almonds, walnut, etc.

Second day.  Morning. Trip to Horeg.

By the route: frontier (with Afghanistan) river Pjandj, Vanch valley, Rushan kishlak, Horog, Shahdarin gorge, Shod kishlak (15 km from Horog), the accommodation in Pamir guest house “Shoinbek” near the Shahdar river, height above sea level is 2189,0 m. The Pamir house “Chid” is a sacred place and the symbol of purity for every Muslim person. The house’s each component and picture has religious and philosophical sense. Guests’ meeting and bump supper.

Third day: Guest house. Recreation. To get a knowledge of Horog on will. The city (capital GBAO) is situated on high narrow terraces at a height of 2060 meters, at the confluence of Gunt and Shahdarja rivers, river Pjandj on the border with Afghanistan.

  • Familiarity with local traditions, rites, national trades, lifestyle, culture.
  • The visit of A.V.Gursk Pamir botanic garden, museum of nature where the highly organized plant – herbarium, the collection of fruit plants and herbs are located. Return guest house, overnight stay.

Fourth day: Morning, trip to Dzhilandy (127 km) by Pamir route (M 41), stopover near the notable place “Chartym waterfall”, Dzhilandy is a sanatorium and health-improving complex, thermal spas, bathing in hot bathes. Overnight stay.

Fifth day: Morning, breakfast, trip. Pamir route (M51), Koitezek pass (height 4271 m), implementation of Austrian rite “calm the demons”. Alichur valley, Alichur river, Bulunkul lake, Jashilkul lake, height 3750 m. Accommodation in jurts or tents on the shore of the lake. Lunch-dinner, rest.

Sixth-seventh day. Jashilkul.

  • Fishing. The visit of sovkhoz “Bulunkul”, familiarity with local way of life and yak farming, taking of photos, ride on yaks.
  • The visit of hot thermal spa Issyk-Bulak, bathing in natural mountainous conditions.
  • Walking tours along the mountainous paths.

Eighth day. Morning. Trip across Alichur valley, Hargush pass, in Vahan valley. Kishlak Vrang, sightseeing tour (Buddhist stupa and ancient caves). Guest house, overnight stay.

Ninth day. Morning. Return to Horog by Ishkamik road across Pjandj river, with visit to ancient strongholds as Kaaha and Jamchun. Guest house “Shoinbek”. The preparation  to departure.

Tenth day. Morning. Trip to Osh city, Kyrgyzstan. Stopover, overnight stay in Murgab kishlak eastern Pamir.

Eleventh day. Morning. trip to Osh city, Kyrgyzstan by route: village Kara-Kuli along Allai valley. Arrival, accommodation in guest house. Overnight stay.

Twelfth day. Walking tours within city, the visit to Suleiman Mountain and central market. Preparation to departure. Airport, departure by night flight.

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