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"Pamir: travel to "the Bottom of the Sun"

Route No. 1:

Duration: 15 days / 14 nights


Day 1. Morning. Arrival to Dushanbe, capital of the Republic of Tajikistan. Departure (jeep) to the city of Khorog on the West Pamir path, 524 km. The road passes across picturesque valleys and mountain gorges where small rests, photography of "unusual" mountain landscapes and the rivers are planned.

Along a route: cities Vakhdat, Komsomolabad, Tavildara, the Darvazsky range, the Haburabat pass (height is 3270 meters above sea level),Kalai-Humb (distance from Dushanbe 295 km, height is 1260 meters). Overnight stop, guest house. Kalai-Humb was a capital of shahs of Darwaz in the past. There are a lot of gardens where pomegranate, a fig, a persimmon, grapes, pistachios, almonds, a walnut grow.

Day 2. Morning. Departure to Khorog.

Along a route: boundary (with Afghanistan) the river Pyandzh, the valley Vanch, a kishlak Rushan, Khorog, Shakhdarinsky gorge, Shod (15 km from Khorog), accommodation in the Pamir guest house "Shoinbek" on the river bank of Shakhdar, height is 2189,0 m above sea level. The Pamir house ("Chid") is a religious shrine and a symbol of purity for each Ismaili. Each element and drawing in it has religious and philosophical meaning. Meeting of the guests, festive dinner.

Day 3. Guest house. Rest.

 As one chooses tour to the city of Khorog. The city (the capital of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province) is located on high narrow terraces, at the height of 2060 meters, at confluence of Gunt and Shakhdarya, the river Pyandzh, on border with Afghanistan.

• Acquaintance with local customs, ceremonies, national trade, life, culture.

• Visit of the Pamir botanical garden of A. V. Gursky, the museum of the nature where there are herbariums of the higher plants, a collection of fruit plants and herbs.

Day 4-5.Climbing the Ishkashimsky range, peak of 444,5 meters above sea level. Along a route: river Kurtsak, kishlak Shuvdev (height of 2600 m), summer   encampment (height of 3500 m), overnight stop. Ascension. At peak it is planned to establish station, traditionally will be left the note with surnames of subjugators and the contact addresses. Photo session. Return.

Day 6. Guest house. Rest, as one chooses a trip to a sanatorium complex of Garmchashm where  hot bathtubs (thermal sources) in separate cabins are possible.

Day7-8-9. Morning. The Shakhdarinsky gorge, departure to a kishlak Sezhd (57 km, of  3300 m height), further a walk to the lake Dramkul (height above sea level of 3335 m), osmans and trout are found here. A tent camp, fishing, bathing, "hiking" on mountain tracks. Return to the guest house, overnight stop.

Day10. Morning. Departure to Murghab. Overnight stay in the guest house.

Day11. Morning. Departure to Lenin Peak along a route: through Kara Sack, lakes on east Pamir. Spending the night in  yurts under the peak Lenin.

Day12. Morning. Walk under the peak Lenin, arrangement of a lunch. Departure to Osh.

Day13. Tour around the city, visit to Sulaiman mountains and central market. Festive dinner- Uzgensky rice plov.

Day15. Departure back

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