Time: 5:19

Bishkek- Too Ashuu pass-Kyzyl Korgon

Starting from place  A: 10 am

Destination  B: 18:00 pm

The height of the place A: 925 m

The   height of the place B : 1100m

The absolute  height : 3586 (pass Too-Ashuu)

Distance: 289 kilometers

Road Condition: 40% -asphalt road, 60%- dirt road

We meet you at the airport and then accompany  to your hotel. You  have  time to relax and take a shower, and we will conduct   briefing.  As soon as we're finished, you will find out the car. You will have time to get used to driving on it and we will start our tour. Our route will pass through the  amazing mountain range Kyrgyz Ala-Too. We will stop on the pass Too-Ashuu  where you can take pictures of the picturesque valley Suusamyr!  So  we continue our way along the river Kokomeren in Kyzyl Korgon . It  is a fantastic place with an incredibly diverse landscape and red mountains. You will  spend that night  in tents on the banks of the River Kokomeren.


The second day: Kyzyl Korgon -  Karakeche pass - Son Kol

Starting from place  A: 10 am

Arriving at   destination B: 16:00 pm

The height of the point A: 1100meters

The height of the point B: 3016 meters

The absolute height: 3364 ( Karakeche pass)

Distance: 190 km

Road Conditions: 30% poorly asphalted  road, 70% smeared  dirt road

 We  will continue our tour after breakfast and a short walk or even fishing in the river. That day   we will reach  to the mountain lake Son-Kol,  the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan. The spot  is located  in the mountains; you will get acquainted with seasonal   nomads with their yurts and cattle. The road runs through  the picturesque alpine meadows, the rocky mountains and through the Soviet coal mines that are no longer used. We go to look at the ancient petroglyphs  dating back to the 8th century B.C. in the evening. You will enjoy the sunset against the whole splendid view of the Son-Kol Lake. The night will be spent at the nomad yurt. Nomad tents are made of felt and wood.



 The third day: Song-Kol - Moldo Ashu - Eki Naryn

Starting from the place  A: 10 am

Arriving at destination B: 19:00 pm

The height of the point A: 3016 meters

The height of the point B: 2560 meters

The absolute  height: 3380 (Moldovan Ashu)

Distance: 285 kilometers

Road Condition: 30% asphalt road, 70% dirt road

 We   have a long trip from the central part  of Kyrgyzstan to its eastern border the third day. We begin our journey into the pass Moldo Ashu Pass after breakfast in the tent.  Amazing view from the pass Moldo-Ashuu will impress you much.  winding road goes sharply down, coniferous forests surround the valley  Kurtka. The distant  blue line of mountain range Moldo Too will capture your attention. Further we will drive  along the longest river Naryn. We will have lunch in Naryn city that is located on the banks of the Naryn river. The National park Eki Naryn will accept us after lunch.   You will enjoy the  wild nature, breathtaking views and the air full of    smells of different herbs. That night you will spend in tents. This is a splendid  chance to be away from the civilization  and relax in tranquil surroundings, in the Tien Shan mountains.

The fourth day : Eki Naryn – Jyluu Suu

Starting from the place A: 10 am

Arriving to destination B: 14:00 pm

The height of the point A: 2560 meters

The height of point B: 2870 meters

The absolute height: 2870 meters

Distance: 96 kilometers

Road Conditions: 100% dirt road

This is the  day before a long trip. We will go to Jyluu- Suu in the morning . This place is famous for its incredibly beautiful mountains. If you want, you can go to  hiking in the mountains or just relax  at the bank of the river. Our mechanic will check the car.  Again  you'll spend the night in tents.

The fifth day: Jyluu- Suu - pass Tosor - Karakol

Starting from the place A: 10 am

Arriving at destination B: 19:00 pm

The height of the point A: 2870 meters

The height of the point B: 1608 meters

The absolute  height: 3893 meters

Distance: 320 kilometers

Road Conditions: 40% smeared dirt road, 30% dirt road, 30% asphalt road

Today is one of the most exciting days ; you will drive through the pass Tosor.   We have to cross  a mountain river several times on the way to the Tosor pass.  Approaching the pass, we slowly begin to move towards the valley Tosor. This place is really amazing where high mountains hide  the road   in the distance. There is a view of the biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kol, after driving through the valley  Tosor.  The Issyk –Kol  is the second largest mountain lake in the world.  We will go along the southern coast of the lake towards the city  Karakol.  We will stay in a hotel.

The sixth day: Karakol – Semenov gorge  - Grigoriev gorge  - Issyk-Kul

Starting from the place A: 10 am

Arriving at destination  B: 18:00 pm

The height of the point A :1608 m

The height of the point B: 1608 m

The absolute  height: 2375 m

Distance: 290 km

Road Condition: 70% asphalt road, 30% dirt road

You will have a city tour to get familiar with its architecture after breakfast.  You will visit the Dungan Chinese mosque built without a single nail and wooden church, which is more than 100 years.  We will continue our driving to the country of celestial mountains. You will visit two famous gorges - Semenov and Grigoriev on your  way.  Then  you will go to the hotel   to stay on the northern part of the  Issyk-Kol Lake.    You will spend the whole day   relaxing on the beach and swimming in the lake. Its salty water has  healing properties.    You will stay at the hotel for night.

The seventh day: Issyk-Kol - Bishkek

Starting from place A: 10 am

Arriving at destination B: 15:00 pm

The height of the point A: 1608 meters

The height of point B: 925 meters

The absolute height :  1820 meters

Distance: 250 kilometers

Road Conditions: 100% asphalt road

Today is the last day of our tour. We will go to Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. You will enjoy the sights of the city.  The evening will be a farewell dinner in honor of the great explorers and travelers.  You will spend the last night in Kyrgyzstan in a hotel in Bishkek.

The eighth day:  Going back home

 You will be transferred to the airport for leaving for your home country.

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