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Pamir & Tien Shan Eco-Cultural Tourism Organization

Pamir & Tien Shan Eco-Cultural Tourism Organization  organizes trips   to  the  Pamir and Tian-Shan mountains,  the most beautiful and remote spots  of our planet.      The  Pamir  mountains are  called “Roof of the World” by  travelers from all over the world. These majestic mountains really touch the sky, the highest point is  the peak  Kongur (7719 meters)  in the east  Pamir mountains. So when you look at the mountains at  their foot,  it seems  that the Pamir mountains are   real Roof of the World.. And when you look from the top of the  mountains,   you will find out that  it  is the node that diverges in   different directions to  the world's highest mountain ranges as  the Karakoram and Himalayas  in the south, the Hindu Kush in the west , and Tian Shan in the north-east.

   . “Pamir & Tien Shan Eco-Cultural Tourism Organization”  will organize trips to the regions of Kyrgyzstan and Pamir, the highly qualified interpreters will introduce you to history, culture, flora and fauna of Tian-Shan and Pamir.

                             Kyrgyzstan  is  a country with its  fabulous, fascinating and alluring natural beauty. And  the country  welcomes warmly   every traveler, who comes  to this wonderful land   and shares   its  beauty  according to the hospitality of the Central Asians. It is quite impossible to tell   everything  about Kyrgyzstan immediately, because it is not practically feasible, as the nature is so  diverse and  tourist potential is so huge. You should definitely visit two cities Bishkek and Osh in Kyrgyzstan.

Osh is the largest city in southern Kyrgyzstan that officially recognized as the “Southern capital”. It is a cordial, friendly and warm city with many traditional streets, cafes and restaurants,  and  Central Asian bazaar. The most interesting place in the city is the Sulaiman mountain (Sulaiman Too). It is located in the center of the city and it looks spectacular against the profile of the urban life, resembling  immediate proximity to the majestic mountains of Pamir.

Bishkek  is the metropolitan area,   economic, political, scientific, industrial, cultural, and transportation center of the Kyrgyz Republic, its wonderful hospitable capital!  The center of the city is the Ala-Too Square, where public events and  national holidays are celebrated.  Bishkek  has  the nickname “Green city” since Soviet times with lots of   parks, squares, boulevards and historical places with  monuments and memorials. The city is gorgeous with   beautiful fountains and large flower beds.

 The Issyk-Kol Lake is another   most popular tourist destination, that is highlighted in the poems and verses of Eastern poets since ancient times. It is famous for its unparalleled marine  beauty, the incredible clear  water and golden sand, you  can’t help visiting and admiring it.

 Kyrgyzstan is a self-sufficient country, which has a rich history, culture and   unique traditions. Located at the crossroads of the Silk Road, it still preserves many ancient monuments, which are organically  integrated with modern architecture, that    may  leave brilliant impressions on its visitors.

Kyrgyzstan  is  a Central Asian  "mountain paradise", located  between the deserts of Uzbekistan, the steppes of Kazakhstan, harsh highlands of  Tajikistan and sparsely populated,  arid plains of western China (Xinjiang). The two greatest mountain ranges   the of the Earth stretch  across  the whole territory of Kyrgyzstan:  the Tien Shan and the  Pamir  mountains  with the highest peaks  - Peak  Victory (7439 meters), and  Peak Lenin (7134 meters) and beautiful pyramidal Peak Khan Tengri(6995 meters)  adjacent to the  Peak Victory

Due to its majestic mountains and temperate continental climate,  Kyrgyzstan  is the a land of the world's largest snow-white  glaciers, vast snowfields, impetuous  rivers, clear  alpine lakes. It is gorgeous with  enchanting grasslands, alpine meadows, fertile valleys and rich variety of flora and fauna.

Highlands  of Kyrgyzstan  comprise  93% of the territory, which are  always   350 meters  above the sea level.  88 powerful mountain  ranges stretch  from   the East to West, starting from China,  that belong  magnificent Tian-Shan   mountain system. Tian-Shan derives from Chinese “Celestial Mountains”.

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